For your convenience, the most common questions I get asked are answered right here.

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Q: What is a “Virtual Consultations”? 

A: In order for me to help people from all different locations without the high price of traveling I’ve used the power of technology to meet with you. Using FaceTime and Skype we are able to meet face to face and accomplish the same things we would be able to if I were there in person. I am able to take you through full workouts, nutritional consultations, and lifestyle consultations.

Q: What do I need to get started? 

A: The first thing we tackle together is your goals. This is done in your Free Goal Assessment Consultation. The only thing you need for this is an internet connection and a cellphone that has video chat or Skype capabilities. If you need anything else moving forward, we will discuss that it this time.

Q:  How long does the Goal Assessment Consultation take? 

A: I plan an hour for each of these meeting, but it could take more or less time depending on where you are in knowing the nature of your goal and what it takes to get there.

Q:  Can I afford it? 

A: I know how valuable your dollars are, which is why I have structured my consultations to be available at a cost which is easily managed by people from all walks of life. I’ve worked my absolute hardest to reduce costs in travel and software so you can have the luxury of a personal coach without the high price tag. The nominal fee I charge is enough to cover my software and production costs.

Q:  How long does it take to start seeing results?  

A: You will start seeing results directly after our first meeting. Your life is a continual work in progress and together we will gaining strength and clarity in your life and goals. I am your personal cheerleader and you will begin to feel more direction after our first consultation.

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