The Four “P’s”

My nephew has been staying with us for the past month as a special treat and he’s a very intellectual and curious teenager. He asked me one day early in his stay how my husband and I get so much done in a day and don’t seem bothered, stressed or flustered by it. My response
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All-In Veggie Salad

Sometimes, we all just need a go-to, healthy, and easy recipe we can fall back on for a lunch or dinner. This salad is what I make when the days or busy and I just need something nutritious, filling and delicious. Feel free to experiment with different veggies, beans, or even adding grains. The idea
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Blueberry Chia Seed Pudding

This week, I’m all about the make ahead recipes. This one literally takes less than five minutes to prep, but you feel like you’re eating dessert for breakfast. If you have kids in the house this will be a definite winner. Chia seed pudding has the texture of a tapioca pudding but with an added
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Instant Pot Chili

There’s nothing better with a side of freshly grown corn on the cob than a bowl of chili. This recipe is great to make ahead for those busy days. It can keep in the refrigerator after it’s cooked for a great left-over meal too. Print Recipe Instant Pot Chili A little bit spicy and a
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How to Have a Grow Mentality

A grow mentality is the ability to maintain a state of mind that allows you and those around you to grow to their highest potential. We live in a world, and with thought processes, that are continually putting limits on what we and what others can achieve. For example; you might say, I’m not the type…

Decadent Pasta Salad

This recipe is definitely a special treat because it has some refined oils in it. If you’d like to make it without the refined oil, you could make a simple dressing out of cashews, apple cider vinegar, and garlic powder with a bit of water to blend. I’ll try to post my ratio’s for this
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Summer Minestrone

Fresh vegetables from the garden makes the best soup. This particular soup is light and refreshing and is great for even warm summer days. I’ve made large batches and we’ve even enjoyed it cold out of the refrigerator. Print Recipe Summer Minestrone A light and refreshing soup for a cool summer day. Votes: 0 Rating:
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Japanese Zucchini

If you’re growing zucchini in your garden this summer, then I’m sure you have an overflow of zucchini. Here’s a fun and delicious way you can put it to use in this sweet, spicy and savory recipe. The onion is what adds the sweetness to this recipe, so if you don’t like sweet onion you
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Restorative Yoga

You might be wondering, if you don’t currently practice yoga, how do I get started? Is it going to be difficult? Do I need any equipment? During this weeks Restorative Yoga practice example, I’ll do my best to answer those questions as well as what defines a restorative yoga practice.   How to Begin Let’s
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How to be Happy

We all are striving for the ultimate goal of being happy, having happiness, living in a state of joy and contentment. Many people spend days, years, and even entire lifetimes striving for happiness. We are told, by some, if we just keep working for the next promotion, vacation, experience or product we will eventually reach
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