Cuban Black Beans

If you have an instant pot or pressure cooker you have the fastest solution to keeping cooked beans around. Being vegan we eat a lot of beans. The down fall is they take so long to cook on the stove top. When I’m in a hurry to make something I don’t want to be waiting an hour for my beans to cook.

Almond Yogurt

For some people, it’s hard to break old habits. If you’re used to eating yogurt and you love the probiotic effects of yogurt, but don’t want the dairy; this is the recipe for you. Print Recipe Almond Yogurt This takes the same amount of time as making regular yogurt. It tastes just a little nuttier
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Blueberry Compote

A quick addition that will add flair to pancakes, toast, sorbet, or brownies. It’s simple tome and stores well in the refrigerator or freezer.

Refrigerator Pickles Basics

Our family loves pickles, but there are so many color additives as the organic, chemical free versions are so expensive when they’re purchased at the grocer; or that’s what I think when I look at what’s in pickles and the comparative cost of a jar. Pickles are a simple snack or addition to any meal.
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Canning Recipe

We pick tart cherries in door county every year and there’s always plenty to go around for several new canning recipes. In this recipe I was trying to make something that would go good as a quick and easy sauce to add to meats, or desserts when time is running short. I wanted it to
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