3 Easy Ways to Immediately Transform a Bad Day

I woke up this morning and it seemed nothing could go right. I ran out of toothpaste, couldn’t find my car keys, the lightbulb burnt out on my camera, and my internet wasn’t working. No thank you today, was my initial thought. Send me back to bed and let’s try again tomorrow.

This was the defeatist nature in me, but I know better than to let that nasty little creature weave it’s way in and destroy the remainder of my day. You let that attitude take hold and the day is guaranteed to be ruined; and not only your own day but everyone you come in contact with will be affected in some way or another by your horribly terrible day.

So, instead of giving into the snowball effect of misery I have three easy things I do whenever I feel my day might be trying to veer in the wrong direction. I call it my “RAD” Protocol. Ok, yeah, that’s kinda corny, but it’s a good way to remember my amazing awesome solution to a bad day. Instead, have a RAD day!

So, before you go on, take a deep breath. This is not part of the program but helps non the less in any situation.

#1   Resolve to be Grateful

We each have so much to be grateful for. Even if you’re feeling like the whole world is against you there are so many things you can transfer your focus to. To use my morning example, I was grateful I had teeth to brush, a car I could lose the keys to, and a camera that had a light that could get burnt out. Start listing everything and anything you can be grateful for and your perspective will immediately begin to change.

#2  Ask the Right Questions

Instead of getting all worked up about things that are going wrong ask the right question about how you can change your behavior (or perspective) to solve the problem in a creative and way that brings you greater development and happiness long term.

So, rather than get worked up about running out of toothpaste I used straight coconut oil and asked myself, how can I make the next batch of toothpaste better? (I make my own toothpaste.)

Instead of getting worked up about not having my car keys ask, where can I put them that I know I won’t lose them? There’s a drawer by the front door I can leave them in, so I’ll change my habit and never lose my keys. You get the idea.

#3  Demonstrate Giving

The last thing I do, and I think it’s really the second most important one on this list, is to focus on ways to make someone else’s day better. In every situation I look for ways to give something to someone else.  This morning I bought someones coffee for them. Not only did it make that person extremely happy, but it made me feel happy to make his day a little brighter.

It might be a smile or letting someone cut in front of you on the road, but finding a way to give ease and happiness to someone else is a snowball effect. You do that for them and they are more inclined to do something for someone else.

Remember, bad days happen, but you have control over letting them effect you or not. Use them as a learning tool to make better days ahead.



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