A Yoga Mat That Lasts

I have searched high and low for a yoga mat that is great for practicing mandala (circular) yoga and also one that will withstand vigorous daily use. I’ve been through every type of mat I can think of. Some are too squishy, others are too thin. Some end up falling apart while I’m using them making me covered in yoga mat tidbits at the end of my practice. Others are so difficult to clean I feel dirty every time I start a new practice.

The Drakmind Circular yoga mat solved all those issues. It has a great microfiber finish on the mat which makes it soft but durable and easy to clean. The mat is not cheap, but when I think of how often I burn through cheaper and even some more expensive mats it is actually a money savings in the long run. I’ve had my particular mat for over a year and it still looks and feels great. It’s an investment I’m happy I made.

Drakmind Round Yoga Mat

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