Barre Practice Week 5 – Rhythm

We’ve got rhythm!

Ok, well we don’t quite have rhythm at the barre yet, but we’re getting there. We’ve been practicing our foot work and arm work. Vocabulary is going good and we’re finally able to go through arm and leg combination movements through all the positions. Great work! This week we are going to have more fun by adding in some classical music and find the tempo or beat in the music. It might be a bit more difficult for you to pick out in classical music, but listen to some of your old favorites and practice tapping your foot or clapping your hands along with the beat. Before we get started lets go over a bit of vocabulary.

Barre Vocabulary


The arrangement of sounds as they move through time. You hear sounds every day, foot steps, birds chirping, or the wash machine running. Now, if we arranged those sounds into a specific pattern that would be know as rhythm.


Beat is found in the rhythm. It’s the steady repeating pulse of the music. It’s what you’re bobbing your head up and down to or tapping your foot to when your listening to a song.


Temp is the speed of the beat. Tempo is generally referred to as in the number of beats per minute (BPM). A tempo of 60BPM would be a beat every second. A tempo of 120BPM means there are two beats per second.

Barre Practice

Rhythm & Beat

These videos will be great practice in helping your brain to recognize beat.


Put it All Together

Practice picking out the rhythm and beat in this song. This is the one we were working on in class. Once you think you have the beat practice tapping your foot or stepping left and right to the beat. (Feel free to move and dance with the beat here.)


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