Barre Practice Week 7 – Core Power

We’ve been working so hard on vocabulary and practicing all the movements in classical French ballet and I’m really proud of all your hard work. This week we’re going to step away from the barre and work on the floor. Yes, ballet dancers spend a good portion of their time working on floor exercises to strengthen specific muscles.

Core power is the foundation of all the movements we have been practicing. Every transition, turn, or body movement should originate in your core first and then extend outwards. That being said, you need a very strong core to accomplish this. Not only will it make your movements appear to have more emotion and feeling in them, but it will improve your stability.

Barre Vocabulary


The band of area in your torso that is below your chest and above your pelvis is referred to as your core.

Abdominal Muscles

A group of muscles consisting of the rectus abdominis, transverse abdominal, quadratus lumborum, internal oblique, and external oblique muscles.


Barre Practice

This week we will practice a core routine. Feel free to keep this routine up at least once or twice a week as we progress through the program.


In addition to working on the core strengthening exercises, don’t forget to practice your ballet positions and movements we’ve worked on in prior weeks.



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