Barre Practice Week 4 – Battement

We’ve made it to week 4 in Barre Class. You have worked hard and proven that you are a dedicated dancer. Not to mention this is just a whole lot of fun. Muscle memory should be kicking in this week and moving through the foot positions such as 1st Position to 2nd, 3rd and 4th should be getting more comfortable.

We discussed this week about making sure your turnout is coming from your hip and not your knees. You’ll increase your risk of injury if you don’t practice and pay mind to this now. No one wants bad knees ever, and much less from trying to get healthier and happier. So, watch those knees. In addition to paying attention to the knees here’s some vocabulary and movements to practice.

Barre Vocabulary


Meaning to “stretch” or “make longer”. When a dance is told to allongé the instructor is trying to get the dancer to think about their line. Long lean with full extension from the joints.

Battement [bat-MAHN]

Battement is a classical ballet term which means “beating.” When a dancer is doing battementthey are essentially closing their legs in together then opening again or the other way around, staring from a closed position to an open, back to a closed.  The “closing” is whats referred to as the battement or “beating.”


Fondu, in ballet, means “to melt”. If you see “fondu” in a movement series you’ll want to preform the movement with a slow melting motion. Gentle and soft limbs melting towards the floor.


Petit literally means “small”. It’s a descriptive term used with other terms to describe that the step or movement should be done small.


Generally referred to a movement that is stretched or held. Dance instructors usually combine “allongé” with a critique of a dancer’s tendu.

Barre Practice

Practice these movements with slow control until you have the muscle memory build up. You want to work on elongating through your muscles, joints and tendons while providing steady control of all the muscles at the same time. This is very difficult to master, so take your time. Put on some great music and practice in front of the mirror.

Battement Derriere

Petit Battement

Battement Tendu

I know I’m giving you a lot to work on this week, but I know you’re up to the challenge. As always, have fun with the practice. You’re goal is to keep nurturing your inner baller dancer while having fun in the process. If you have any questions, I’m here to help.




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