Success Through Celebrating Small Wins

The other day I was running through my schedule and checklist for the day. Suddenly, I had a moment of enlightenment that struck me like a shock from a 9V battery. For the past week I’d been checking off huge milestones that were bringing me closer and closer to my larger goal. These were small
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Back Pain Relief Circuit

I woke up with lower back pain. Needless to say it was my own fault for overworking my back. The first thing I did after getting out of bed was my a series of exercises and stretches to relieve the pain. I know so many people struggle with this so I put together a short
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Take Your Place

I was heading to a session the other day and while I was driving came to a four way stop. Now, at this four way stop was a lot of pedestrian traffic; traffic lights, walk lights and a traffic cop monitoring the flow of things. As I was waiting for my turn at the intersection
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LIVE Weekly Workout E004

I’m starting to get the hang of this live workout stuff FINALLY. It’s definitely been a journey over the past few weeks, and I appreciate your feedback and patience with me. This week was actually fun and a lot less frustrating technologically speaking than the past three weeks. I still have a long way to
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The Good and Bad of Supplements

Supplements are a billion dollar industry and we all buy into them, but why. I always talk about eating a variety of whole foods for optimal health, but sometimes it’s just hard to do. There are seasons in our lives that having nutrient holes in our nutrition profit is inevitable. How and when should we be
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3 Best Reasons Why You Should Be Cross Training

Cross-training, in sports, is a method of training that supports using different modes of training to improve in one specific sport. For example, if i’m a track runner and I want to improve my running speed and technique I might cross train in strength and bicycling to develop or improve certain muscles. This is a highly
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Soap alternative

Why I Stopped Using Soap

Yes, I stopped using soap. I know what you’re thinking, gross, right? No, it’s actually not as crazy as you might think. If you’ve been following me for a while you’ve probably read my post about how terrible my skin was for the longest time. If you haven’t you can check it out here. Your
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Randy’s Daily Smoothie

Randy can’t live without his morning smoothie. He literally gets crabby if he doesn’t get it in. It’s packed with protein that keeps him satiated until breakfast. Print Recipe Randy’s Daily Smoothie A nutrient packed way to start the morning. Specifically designed for a man’s body with protein to build and maintain lean muscle mass.
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You Are Beautiful EVEN with Acne

NO MAKEUP MONDAY! Because…. I was recently talking with a client who has been having acne issues due to hormone imbalances. She was so ashamed of what people would think of her skin and how they would judge her. I used to suffer from debilitating acne in my late teens and my 20’s from stress
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5 Best Ways to Relieve a Cough in 24 Hours

Cold and flu season, the time of year we try our best to protect ourselves from catching all the many different types and strains of colds and flu that are out there. Try as we might sometimes those little buggers catch us. I grew up with perpetual bronchitis and in the winter months. I did everything
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