Should You be Doing Cardio or Strength Training First?

I get this question a lot when my clients are starting to get serious about seeing results and the answer is based on you. What is your ultimate goal? What is the reason you started on your fitness journey in the first place? Based on your answers to these questions you can determine what the best plan for your cardio routine will be. Let’s dive in to some of the most common reasons for beginning a fitness journey and when you should do cardio based on them. If your goal isn’t listed below, let me know in the comments and I’ll help you address it.

You Decide…

The reason I am sharing this with you now is because it is directly related to our current pandemic situation. So many people have been living in a state of fear and confusion, which is extremely heartbreaking to see. Whether it’s fear from getting sick or fear and confusion as to how the bills are going to be paid; both are very real fears. We do need to come together as a way of understanding both types of fear and frustration with our current situation. How do we do that, though, when both fears need drastically different things to be dispelled? The truth is, you need to make that decision for yourself.

Are You Too Clean?

Having a clean and well maintained living space is important but is there such a thing as too clean? Most experts are finding, yes, your house can be too clean resulting in various issues. What does it mean to be ‘too clean’? What are some of the issues that can arise from being too clean around the house and what can you do to avoid it? I’ll give you my perspective on the issue and also what I do to remedy the dust bunnies, germs and viruses that many of us fear are lurking in plain sight.

The Importance of Flexibility

Most people understand that building and maintaining flexibility is important, but do you know that it’s even more important than a strength training or cardiovascular routine? I hear a lot of fitness trainers, enthusiasts and therapists discuss the benefits of cardiovascular workouts and also strength workouts, but little emphasis is put on the importance of flexibility. Whether is due to the assumption that their clientele already understand flexibility is beneficial, or that they actually believe the other aspects of physical fitness are more important than flexibility, is not what I want to discuss. I want to talk about why, above cardiovascular and strength only workouts, flexibility training is the most beneficial workout regiment for overall health and wellbeing.

How to Avoid the Flu & Viruses

You can avoid the flu and viruses with the right approach.

Maca for Women

Maca root, also known as Lepidium meyenii1 has been used for medicinal purposes and protein source for indigenous people in Peru for centuries. I recently wrote an article about the benefits of maca for men, but I don’t want to forget about the ladies. It’s equally as beneficial for women. First, I’ll discuss how maca can alleviate
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Go Braless!

Ladies, do you remember when you were a pre-teen and you couldn’t wait to try on you first bra? It’s a right of passage for most girls and marks the transition from a girl to womanhood. If you were anything like me (who had two older sisters) you swore you needed a bra on your
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How to Choose a Prenatal Supplement

I am not a proponent of taking supplements. I believe that a diet rich in whole, organic foods can give you all the nutrients you need. That being said, how many of people actually adhere to watching their nutritional intake to ensure a balanced intake of all the required macro and micro nutrients? The quantity is small,
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Trouble with Tampons

Walk down a “feminine products” aisle in any drug store and you will almost always see shelf after shelf of the same two things: tampons and pads. Tampons with applicators, without applicators, with perfume; pads, with or without wings, plastic sticky mini-diapers that smell like chemicals, or worse, perfume. These two products have probably been
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