Eat Your Fist and Stop Overeating

Why Do You Over Eat?

eatingWe live in the land of plenty and overeating just happens. We have so much excess around and our natural safety mechanism is to eat extra to survive through periods of famine. It’s a survival mechanism we should be very grateful for. That being said, overeating can have negative health implications if we continue to do it for years at a time. The main issue is stress on our organs and joints. This isn’t what most people think about, but rather the F-word that we strive so much to avoid.

There are countless diet programs, shakes, potions, supplement, and other products to remedy the vanity side of overeating. Yes, FAT, no one wants to be considered fat and society further instills this belief through media and commercials. Let me address this first, the weightless and diet industry is billions and billions of dollars strong. So many people try and don’t succeed at most the remedies they sell and there is good reason for this. They treat the symptom and not the problem.

The problem of carrying excessive weight for 80% of people is poor lifestyle and nutritional habits. Unless you get to the root cause of that excessive weight or yo-yoing weight will never be solved. There is a reason why you choose to eat junk food over healthy options or choose to binge watch sitcoms over getting a 30 minute workout in. Regardless, you need to dig deep and get to the root of the issue.

What You Can Do to Stop

Getting to the root cause of over eating is not an easy task. So many reasons we do things are emotionally based and the trick is pinpointing the emotion or trigger and making peace with it. This is not an overnight fix and is a long and sometimes painful journey. Remember, I’m always here to help and support you on that journey if you need. My 12 Week Confidence Course addresses this issue.

After you’ve determined the root cause of your overeating you need to retrain your stomach. Look at the size of your fist. The size of your fist is the size of your stomach. This is how much food you should be consuming in one sitting. After consuming a portion quantity the size of your fist wait 20 minutes before eating anything else.

I recommend waiting 20 minutes because this is the amount of time it takes for your brain to register that your stomach has food in it. After 20 minutes, if you’re still hungry, you can eat another serving as much as the size of your fist. This doesn’t mean you have to eat that much again, but you can.

Final Tip

Here’s the final tip to retraining your stomach and brain to realize you’re full, eat when your hungry and don’t eat when your not. Ok, that’s entirely impossible because there are so many delicious things out there to consume. I don’t know about you, but eating is one of my greatest pleasures in life. You can still temper it. Have a bite of the food you’re dying to try when you’re not hungry not the whole thing.

We also get told so many different opinions about how and what schedule we should eat on. Remember, your body is unique and will definitely let you know when it’s hungry. Find a schedule that works for you. I like light breakfasts and lunches and large dinners. I sleep better. Some days I don’t want any heavy meal but would rather snack all day on my food. All of it is ok as long as you’re getting the nutrients in that your body needs when you need them.

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