Go Braless!

me-relaxing-1428509-639x507Ladies, do you remember when you were a pre-teen and you couldn’t wait to try on you first bra? It’s a right of passage for most girls and marks the transition from a girl to womanhood. If you were anything like me (who had two older sisters) you swore you needed a bra on your barely mosquito bite breasts. You wore it proudly and loved shopping for the girly colors they came in.

Recently, after much research and about two decades of wearing a bra, I gave it up. Now, this doesn’t mean that I still don’t wear a bra once and a while or love the fancy, frilly, and feminine things, I just love my perky boobs more. Yes, perkier, happier, freer, healthier and more comfortable breasts by NOT wearing a bra. I went braless not for female empowerment, although, I love the movement. I unstrapped my halter because of the health implications it has on my tender lovely breasts. Yup, you heard me right, wearing bra could be harming your health.

My sister sent me an article from Professor Jean-Denis Rouillon, of Besançon’s university hospital in France. He has been studying women’s breasts, in and out of brassieres, for 15 years. He has found that, after a year, the bosoms of bra wearers sag an average of 7mm more than free-range boobs. There’s a very good reason for this and I want you to think about the way your bra feels, if you wearing one, as you read this.

Your breasts are made of fat, lymph nodes, and ligaments. While you are wearing a bra you are hindering circulation to your beloved bossom, especially if you are wearing underwire bras. Now, think about what your body needs to repair and replenish itself, it needs blood to provide nutrients. If you are stopping the circulation, or slowing it in a particular area, then it won’t receive the nutrients it needs to develop into quality tissue.

Second, those ligaments in your breasts. These are like all the other ligaments in your body. You lift weights at the gym to strengthen and tone the ligaments in your arms, thighs, abs, ect. but by wearing a bra you’re stopping the ligaments in your breasts from exercising and becoming stronger. The less you exercise them the weaker they’ll be and the weaker they are the more sagging you will have.

Sexy female dummy wearing a bra, close up with copy space

Now, about those lymph nodes. You can think of these as little filtration systems for your body. You have A LOT of them in your breasts. Your lymph nodes get cleaned out by drinking  water but also by movement. Impact exercises help cleanse your lymphatic system. If you’re harnessing your breasts in a bra you are stopping that process from happening. Why is this so important? The big C. Breast cancer is the number one health issue among woman and not surprisingly the instance of breast cancer increased as woman started wearing bras. I’m not stating that bras are the reason for breast cancer, we know that genetics and diet play a strong role in this as well, but I am saying there is a strong correlation between the two. The strength of this is enough for me to unharness.

All of the reasons I just pointed out gave me the push to stopping pushing my breasts up. I stopped holding them and set them free. It was weird at first. I am (as measured by Victoria’s Secret) a 32D. Not huge but definitely enough there to be noticed when going braless. I thought it would be uncomfortable and I thought I’d have to at least wear a sports bra for running, but it wasn’t. The amazing thing I noticed was that after going braless I had less jiggle and firmer, tighter breasts. For running I wear a light shelf bra, that’s it.

Now, I did say I didn’t give up bras entirely. There are some outfits that I feel just look better with a bra, so I’ll still wear one with those outfits. I also just like the sexiness of a bra so I have some on hand when I want to feel like a Victoria’s Secret model. All in all I would say I am braless 90% of the time and loving it.

So, how can you go braless. If you want to try cold turkey like I did, go ahead. If you are married to your push-up bra, start be transitioning to a wireless and then a shelf bra. Over time you can transition to braless. I’m not saying you have to give up your bras altogether, but make an effort to go free more often than not. Your breasts will thank you for it.


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