How the Scale is Sabotaging your Progress

screen-shot-2016-09-16-at-11-47-55-amWe are all guilty of using the number on the scale to judge our progress, but here’s the thing, the scale lies. It’s easy to get caught in the vicious cycle of trying to eat REALLY clean and working out religiously like a Russian drill sargeant for a week. Then,  you get on the scale and it shows little to no progress or even (gasp) the number has gone up.

Afterwards, the doubt and depression sets in and you wonder why you even sacrificed your tastebuds and your drastic hunger level over the past week. Determine it’s not worth it. Eat an entire box of Oreo’s followed by lots of beer and maybe some potato chips. Feel guilty and crummy because you just binged on horrifying junk food that you swore off last week. Pick yourself up, get on the scale to start fresh and do the whole thing over again. Sound familiar? You’re not alone.

So, here’s the advice that will change your life forever; throw away your scale. You don’t need it. Stop basing your progress on the number on the scale screen-shot-2016-09-16-at-11-55-22-ambecause the scale can give you a number for how awesome you’re feeling, how much better your clothes are fitting, or how much more energy you have.

Instead of making your goal a number on the scale, make your goal those jeans you weren’tSame weight able to button before or were too tight to wear. Make your goal your energy level and how much you notice an improvement when you exercise and eat better. Make your goal your improved cholesterol numbers, or your overall improvement in your attitude. Make your goal your personal health and happiness. Make your goal a permanent lifestyle change. The scale can’t measure this.

We know eating healthy and exercising improves our outlook on life, cognitive function, energy level, and yes, over time, even your weight. The trick is that unless you make healthy eating habits and exercise a part of your lifestyle you will never see these results. The number on the scale only sabotages all your hard work by making you feel unworthy and inadequate in your efforts, which you are neither. The scale just doesn’t measure you’re actual progress.

So, do yourself a favor, throw away your scale. Your doctor will monitor your weight at your yearly physical. Outside of that ditch the number and start focusing on your personal wellness. I’m always here to offer support, help, and guidance. You can do this!

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