How to Choose a Prenatal Supplement

I am56528691 not a proponent of taking supplements. I believe that a diet rich in whole, organic foods can give you all the nutrients you need. That being said, how many of people actually adhere to watching their nutritional intake to ensure a balanced intake of all the required macro and micro nutrients?

The quantity is small, trust me. Supplements are a great way to ensure you are filling any gaps in this nutritional profile and this is most important when you are growing another person inside you.

200413265-001The first step in choosing a prenatal is making sure that the multivitamin you choose when trying to get pregnant or finding that you are pregnant is actually a prenatal vitamin for two reason. First, certain vitamins in excess during these periods can prove toxic to you and your baby, such as vitamin A. Second, there are increased quantities of other nutrients, like folic acid, that can ensure a happy healthy child and ward off common birth defect. A prenatal will ensure that you are getting the correct quantity of the nutrients in addition to your whole food diet.

78465304Ok, so you’ve decided to take a prenatal but there are so many choices and they are not created equal. According to Prevent Disease the absorption rate of a supplement in pill format is 10%. With those numbers I’d rather not waste money and energy taking it. On the other side, a whole food source supplement such as Garden of Life or Enzymatic Therapy have at their lowest an 80% absorption rate. These are numbers I can deal with! In addition to this there are ways to improve on that absorption percent.

Tips on ensuring maximum supplement absorption:

    • Take your supplement with whole food. Fats and nutrients in whole foods can enhance absorption.
    • Eat slowly. Give your body time to actually digest your food. Chewing thoroughly will help this process.
    • Take you prenatal with at least 8 ounces of water.
    • Exercise. Light walking, yoga, or meditation is not only good for your stress levels, but also has shown to improve supplement absorption.

Last but not least, always discuss what you are doing with your doctor. They can give you added insight as to how certain supplements might interact with your current situation.


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