How to Slice an Avocado

Avocados are fast becoming a staple in American cuisine. With the rise in consumption of avocado there is a rise in questions as to how to safely consume the delicious meat inside. I become intrigued by this phenomenon of “Avocado Hand” after reading a news article about the dangers of avocado. Yes, I’ve received many questions and comments on how to safely consume avocados as well.

Some people will simply peel the skin with their fingers, which is a perfectly acceptable and safe way to get at the meat. There are also a number of fancy tools you can use as well. If you are at all not hand with a kitchen knife I suggest these methods. If you want to get a bit more daring and practice this easy way to get chef quality avocado skill try the following with a plastic or dull knife until you get the hang of it:

So, safe slicing everyone!



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