LIVE Weekly Workout E003

Workout 3 and we have sound! Video quality is still lower than I’d like but I’m getting better and better at this tech stuff. I had a conversation with someone this morning about the fear of putting something out there that isn’t perfect. Here’s your nugget for the week, nothing you do will ever be finished or perfect. Sometimes you just have to take the plunge and do it and learn as you go along.

I was terrified to do these live videos because of my tech capabilities, but I’ve let you all know where I’m at with it and the journey I’m on in trying to figure it all out. I can still provide value and motivation to you even with the learning curve I’m going through. The other benefit is that sometimes you can gain help along the way by letting people know where and how you might be struggling. Some of you more tech savvy friends that follow these workouts have helped me so much in offering guidance and support. I appreciate that more than you can believe.

Remember, we’re all on a journey towards discovering who we are and how we can translate that journey into enriching the lives of those around us. Keep that in mind and you will succeed in anything you set your mind to. Perfection is something we will always strive for but is an elusive ghost that’s shapeshifting continually. Keep striving and keep sending your love and talents out to the world.

Ok, now that I have digressed into a tangent, let’s get back to business. Remember to work out at your own pace. Feel free to pause the video and catch your breath if you need. These workouts should be a fun challenge.

Live Workout Video – E003

E003 Live Weekly Workout

This week I talked a little about nutrition and the best way to approach nutritional habit changing for weight loss. Check out this article, Eat Your Fist, for more information. Remember to take your time and move through the exercises as you feel comfortable. You should feel like you’re breathing heavily but comfortably. Enjoy the workout!



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