Maca for Men

maca roots copyMaca, also known as Lepidium meyeniiis a Peruvian root found in the Andes and has been used as a food and protein source for indigenous people for hundreds of years. Lately, though, it has been touted to have a range of different health benefits for men that are only recently beginning to be studied in main stream medicine.

There are mainly three different types of maca; red, yellow, and black. These different types are determined by the color of the root. Different colors provide different nutrition components. Knowing the difference is important in determining which will benefit you most. For men, black and red maca has the most benefit, so we will focus on them here.

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Maca is considered safe for generally everyone and is classified as a food. There are currently no restrictions on medical interactions.

You can use the whole maca root in cooking or baking. It has a texture like a potato when cooked and the flavor is slightly nutty. Some people claim it has a bit of bitterness to it. You can also use the maca which has been dried and ground. Ground maca is the most readily available source and works great in baking and smoothie making.

No matter how you slice it, grind it, or whip it up maca might be a good choice to start adding to your diet. Here’s a recipe to get you started, Maca Goodness Smoothie.


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