3 Easy Ways to Immediately Transform a Bad Day

I woke up this morning and it seemed nothing could go right. I ran out of toothpaste, couldn’t find my car keys, the lightbulb burnt out on my camera, and my internet wasn’t working. No thank you today, was my initial thought. Send me back to bed and let’s try again tomorrow. This was the defeatist
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5 Best Ways to Relieve a Cough in 24 Hours

Cold and flu season, the time of year we try our best to protect ourselves from catching all the many different types and strains of colds and flu that are out there. Try as we might sometimes those little buggers catch us. I grew up with perpetual bronchitis and in the winter months. I did everything
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Parfait Perfection

I love on the go recipes that I can make ahead of time and grab as I’m walking out the door. This one is perfect for just that. You can change the berries to add variety thought the week.

Protein Packed Vegan Saute w/ Cashew Cream

I made this for surprise company last Friday night and everyone was raving about how yummy it was. I actually made it for lunch for myself, but had so much left over that when we had surprise visitors for dinner it was the perfect pre-made meal that was ready with just a little reheating. You
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Berry Basil Ice Cream

You will need an Ice Cream maker for this. You could make it without, but it’s way more work than is necessary. Using frozen fruit in place of the fresh fruit is also an option when you are short on supplies. You can also wait to add the berries after the ice cream is made and sprinkle
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Green Berry Smoothie

I made this for breakfast this morning. I love smoothies because they take minutes to prepare and I can run out the door while getting a nutritious breakfast in.

Savory Salmon, Greens, and Quinoa Dinner

Dinner during the week is hectic in our house. We all are running around trying to complete the tasks of the day and it’s difficult to take the time to prepare an actual meal. I’m trying to get better at making a dinner that we can sit down together and catch up with, but I
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Papaya Berry Smoothie

Another easy breakfast or snack option. I love smoothies in the morning because that is my busiest time of day. It’s not difficult to get a nutritious breakfast in with this smoothie. If you don’t have papaya on hand, feel free to substitute mango or pineapple for the papaya, it’s equally as delicious.

5 Minute Truffles

I love a sweet treat before going to bed, but I don’t like giving in to all the sugary and chemical laden heavy sweets that are typical. These truffles not only feed my sweet tooth, but dates and cocoa contain magnesium which helps calm your muscles for an easy nights rest. So, whether you are
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Overnight Berry Yummy Oats

No need to wak-up early to make breakfast. Protein packed with fuel for taking on even your busiest and most hectic mornings. You can experiment with different fruit and spice combinations to make a delicious breakfast for every morning. Prepare them on a Sunday night and be ready for whatever the week might throw at
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