Your Skin Conditions Solved from the Inside Out

Ok, Let’s be honest for a second. Sometimes our skin is less than stellar and it’s not showing that it loves all the hard work it’s putting in trying to protect our innards. If it’s not one thing it’s another; from eczema, acne, wrinkles, dry patches, oily patches or (dare I continue) a whole slew of other frustrating skin conditions that erupt up from what seems like nowhere, sometimes it’s really frustrating having skin. It doesn’t have to be, though. Did you you that all of these things are your skins way of letting you know what might be happening on the inside of your body? Let’s tackle some of the most common conditions.


It seems everyone has had acne at some time or another in their life. Most people experience acne during puberty because of a large hormone shift, but this isn’t the only one we have to worry about. Acne can definitely be due to hormonal shifts, but puberty isn’t the only time we experience large transitions in hormones. Women who get pregnant or are reaching menopause experience these later life surges, but men see them as well. Maybe not as drastic as some of the life changes women experience, but more self induced.

The foods we eat effect are hormones. Too many refined grains or sugars raise estrogen which can cause breakouts on the cheeks and jawline. Too much protein can raise testosterone which causes breakout around the forehead and chin. Nutrition is important in combating these types of breakouts and also eating to balance hormones during certain stressful times or life changing events will help as well.

Dry (scaly) Skin

Do you feel like you always are applying and reapplying lotion to your skin and it just doesn’t get any more hydrated? Your body is probably starving for water. Most people drink coffee all morning and soda in the afternoon. First, I’m not even going to talk about the soda, you know you shouldn’t be drinking it. But seriously, drink some water. Your body is literally 75% water, you should be refilling yourself. Think of yourself as a delicate flower and you are preserving those pretty petals. (Or you can think of yourself as a fire hydrant filling up to build that burst of energy that will put out the next fire, but I digress.)

You might also be dry because of the lotion your putting on to stop the dryness. Don’t get me wrong, our skin is subject to so many different chemicals every day that causes it to lose moisture. Hand soaps and sanitizers are the worst culprit of this. They definitely rid your hands of germs but they also destroy your natural skins barrier that protects those germs from absorbing into your skin. (Be sure to use non-alcholic hand sanitizer and steer clear of the public use soaps.)

Eczema & Rosacea

Every time I’ve seen eczema or rosacea it has been due to a food allergy. The biggest culprits are dairy and wheat (I’m not saying this is what your’s is from, just what I’ve experienced). Let’s think about these two for a second. Dairy is the primary means of nourishment for baby cows. It takes them from a little bitty calf to a big honking heifer in little more than a year. The hormones in milk are specific to nourishing the calf to do this. Last time I checked we weren’t bovine and have no desire to be turned into thousand pound heifers (Disclaimer, I don’t actually know how big cows get). Why are we drinking milk? We’re pumping our bodies with loads of hormones that throw our hormones off and have to fight to balance again. Yes, there are nutrients in milk, but there are so many better options.

Now, let’s look at wheat. Do you know how modified our wheat today is? If you were to take wheat from 100 years ago and wheat today and make bread with it you’d get two completely different loaves. Wheat today has an 80% higher gluten content than ancient wheat. While gluten isn’t horrible in small doses and when consumed with other nutrients that help your body break it down, these alarming increases make it difficult for some digestive system to handle. When our digestive system has to work overtime or when our gut flora is out of balance it shows up, you guessed it, on our skin. Your eczema or rosacea could be due to a number of other allergies, but I see dairy and wheat most often.

Oily Patches

Earlier, I was talking about acne and how it can be due to an imbalance in hormones. Well, oily patches are usually due to an overproduction of testosterone. You will usually see these patches along what is referred to as the T-Zone. This is the area across your forehead and down the center of your face. Generally diet and nutrition will clear this up, but if it’s due to a lifestyle change you might have to consider supplementation of use of herbs to help balance the hormone production. Remember, a balanced body is a happy body.


We fight them with creams, potions and as a last resort surgery. Wrinkles aren’t necessarily bad. They show us that we lived, loved, laughed and have enjoyed life to the fullest. Wrinkles showing up prematurely, well that can mean something more. Wrinkles are generally a result of five things; age, sun-damage, dehydration, lack of nutrients, and hormone imbalance. Age we can’t really combat nor do we want to, let’s ignore this one and focus on the rest.

Where sunscreen. It is the one thing you can do daily to keep your skin looking younger longer. I wear sunscreen and also hats to help protect myself from the damaging effects of the sun. If you want to see the damage sun does, just check out the comparison of this 92 year old man and 65 year old woman.

We talked earlier about dry skin and how it can be due to dehydration, this is also a cause for wrinkles. Deflate a balloon and it’s going to get saggy and lip. Pump it with air or water and it it becomes firm and supple again. The first step in combating wrinkles is stay hydrated. That’s not the only thing, though. Saying hydrated is only part of the battle. we need to be nourishing those skin cells so they can reproduce and repair like they are meant to.

Foods high in protein and antioxidants are the building blocks of your skin. Maintain a healthy diet and you’ll keep the wrinkles at bay longer. Adding nutrient rich foods will not only help to provide the nutrients you need to rebuild and repair skin damage, but it will also moved the tools needed to balance hormone production.

Skin Condition Action Plan

Here is a list of the best ways to heal skin conditions:

  • Protect yourself from sun-damage
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Eat a balanced diet avoiding allergens if needed
  • Use only natural ingredients on your skin and avoid chemicals

Your skin health is a journey from the inside out. Remember you are beautiful no matter what and focus on making daily lifestyle habit changes that are going to help bring you happiness and fulfillment. I’m always here to support you.




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