Pizza Casserole

I found a recipe for a standard American diet pizza casserole and I thought, I can veganize that easy. We enjoy pizza a lot and this vegan version of pizza delivers equally as well. It’s also extremely easy to put together and can be done ahead of time and baked later.

Spring Chickpea Salad

With the fresh smells of spring and the hopes of green sprouts I get excited for fresh flavors full of tender greens. This salad delivers not only in the refreshing and uplifting flavors, but is filling as well. If you have the beans already prepared, or are using canned beans, this recipe comes together in a matter of minutes.

Vegetable Fritters

Super easy to make and so scrumptious. We’ve made these for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Serve them with fruit or veggies, these fritters are your versatile meal.

White Bean Curry Saute Over Rice Noodles

Ok, this curry recipe requires prep, but it’s so worth it. It makes a lot too, which is great for leftovers and on the go meals. I made this for a dinner party as the entree and prepared the palette for the spicy flavors with Sweet and Savory Tempeh and Cauliflower Rice. If you’re preparing
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Thai Tofu Lettuce Wraps

These tofu wraps are so easy to make and are always a hit with guests. I’ve used endive to serve them in as small appetizers instead of lettuce and they make the cutest and most delicious appetizer boats. Print Recipe Thai Tofu Lettuce Wraps Eat your heart our guilt free. Packed with protein and filled
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Cumin Cabbage Salad

I made this for breakfast this morning, but it would also be great as a side with fish or chicken. I added walnuts for protein to it and it was a deliciously filling vegan breakfast option. I have also made this same recipe hot in the past. It works just as well, but has a
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Thai Tofu with Scrumptious Veggies

This recipe was tricky because not many people like the taste (or rather lack of taste) of tofu. Tofu takes on the flavor of the foods it’s cooked with. So, it’s important that when using tofu as a protein source you preseason it well and combine it with really flavorful supporting ingredients.   Print Recipe
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Protein Packed Vegan Saute w/ Cashew Cream

I made this for surprise company last Friday night and everyone was raving about how yummy it was. I actually made it for lunch for myself, but had so much left over that when we had surprise visitors for dinner it was the perfect pre-made meal that was ready with just a little reheating. You
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Savory Salmon, Greens, and Quinoa Dinner

Dinner during the week is hectic in our house. We all are running around trying to complete the tasks of the day and it’s difficult to take the time to prepare an actual meal. I’m trying to get better at making a dinner that we can sit down together and catch up with, but I
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Healthy Tofu Stir Fry

Usually stir fry is a healthy option but that all depend on two thing; what you put in it, and how you cook it. This recipe is prepared in a way to ensure that you are keeping the most nutrients in your food and not losing them in the cooking process. Print Recipe Healthy Tofu
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