All-In Veggie Salad

Sometimes, we all just need a go-to, healthy, and easy recipe we can fall back on for a lunch or dinner. This salad is what I make when the days or busy and I just need something nutritious, filling and delicious. Feel free to experiment with different veggies, beans, or even adding grains. The idea
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Blueberry Chia Seed Pudding

This week, I’m all about the make ahead recipes. This one literally takes less than five minutes to prep, but you feel like you’re eating dessert for breakfast. If you have kids in the house this will be a definite winner. Chia seed pudding has the texture of a tapioca pudding but with an added
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Decadent Pasta Salad

This recipe is definitely a special treat because it has some refined oils in it. If you’d like to make it without the refined oil, you could make a simple dressing out of cashews, apple cider vinegar, and garlic powder with a bit of water to blend. I’ll try to post my ratio’s for this
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Japanese Zucchini

If you’re growing zucchini in your garden this summer, then I’m sure you have an overflow of zucchini. Here’s a fun and delicious way you can put it to use in this sweet, spicy and savory recipe. The onion is what adds the sweetness to this recipe, so if you don’t like sweet onion you
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Restorative Yoga

You might be wondering, if you don’t currently practice yoga, how do I get started? Is it going to be difficult? Do I need any equipment? During this weeks Restorative Yoga practice example, I’ll do my best to answer those questions as well as what defines a restorative yoga practice.   How to Begin Let’s
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Pineapple Fried Rice

Enough of the traditional, let’s shake things up with the summertime flavor of pineapple. Pineapple just screams summer, so I love adding it to as many dishes as I can when I want that summertime vibe. This particular recipe shocked me with how wonderful the flavor of pineapple is in a traditional recipe. Print Recipe
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Fresh Pineapple Salsa

If your looking for a fresh salsa idea, then this recipe is for you. Sometimes, it’s nice to step out of the traditional into something a bit more exotic and exciting. This Pineapple Salsa is just the thing to get you into an adventurous mood and is a good starting point for any mealtime journey.
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Strawberry Lemonade Slushie

This recipe is so much fun for kids and great on a hot afternoon. You could also freeze these into popsicles if you prefer. The apple works as a great sweetener for the lemons. The lemons and strawberries are a great way to get in lots of vitamin C.

Simple Apple Salad

A little sweetness in a salad is sometimes a good thing. The addition of apples paired with the creamy dressing makes for a welcome addition to any meal.

In a Hurry Dinner

We’ve all been there. You get home from a long days work, or you may have been home and the day has gotten away from you, and you don’t have any idea what to make for dinner on short notice. This trick is going to save the day for you. It’s takes minutes to make, is extraordinarily healthy, and if you’re having guests over, they’ll be amazed at the ease in which you can prepare a meal.

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