Are Fish a Health Food?

I’ve discussed this topic recently in my article Fish Oil, Health & Immune Function, but the information and research in this video was too compelling not to share. As always, I want you to make up your own mind based on the evidence.

Eat Your Fist and Stop Overeating

Why Do You Over Eat? We live in the land of plenty and overeating just happens. We have so much excess around and our natural safety mechanism is to eat extra to survive through periods of famine. It’s a survival mechanism we should be very grateful for. That being said, overeating can have negative health
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How to Eat Organic on a Budget

I hear it all the time, eating whole, not genetically modified, organic foods is so expensive, and yes, it can be if you’re not an educated and savvy shopper. I choose to eat organic and sometimes pay a little more for that option for health reasons. I don’t want the chemicals and hormones that are
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How Much Arsenic is in Your Food

Naturally occurring geological arsenic “Arsenic,” sounds like a scary word and I’m guessing you’re thinking of the organic versions which are used as pesticides.  For the most these arsenics have not been found to be detrimental to human health. In their natural form, elements are found in rocks, soil, and ground and surface water.  These are
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