LIVE Weekly Workout E004

I’m starting to get the hang of this live workout stuff FINALLY. It’s definitely been a journey over the past few weeks, and I appreciate your feedback and patience with me. This week was actually fun and a lot less frustrating technologically speaking than the past three weeks. I still have a long way to
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The Good and Bad of Supplements

Supplements are a billion dollar industry and we all buy into them, but why. I always talk about eating a variety of whole foods for optimal health, but sometimes it’s just hard to do. There are seasons in our lives that having nutrient holes in our nutrition profit is inevitable. How and when should we be
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LIVE Weekly Workout E003

Workout 3 and we have sound! Video quality is still lower than I’d like but I’m getting better and better at this tech stuff. I had a conversation with someone this morning about the fear of putting something out there that isn’t perfect. Here’s your nugget for the week, nothing you do will ever be finished
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Eat Your Fist and Stop Overeating

Why Do You Over Eat? We live in the land of plenty and overeating just happens. We have so much excess around and our natural safety mechanism is to eat extra to survive through periods of famine. It’s a survival mechanism we should be very grateful for. That being said, overeating can have negative health
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3 Best Reasons Why You Should Be Cross Training

Cross-training, in sports, is a method of training that supports using different modes of training to improve in one specific sport. For example, if i’m a track runner and I want to improve my running speed and technique I might cross train in strength and bicycling to develop or improve certain muscles. This is a highly
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Workout LIVE with Isabelle

Workout LIVE with Isabelle – E001

Ok, so first live workout was done this morning and let’s just say I have a lot of things to work on. The sound completely failed even after several trial runs and much preparation. I will fix it before next week, but I apologize for the lack of sound in advance. I’m hoping practice makes
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Soap alternative

Why I Stopped Using Soap

Yes, I stopped using soap. I know what you’re thinking, gross, right? No, it’s actually not as crazy as you might think. If you’ve been following me for a while you’ve probably read my post about how terrible my skin was for the longest time. If you haven’t you can check it out here. Your
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The Buzz Behind the Ketogenic Diet

There are a lot of diet crazes out there and the latest buzz is the ketogenic diet. As you know I’m opposed, in general, to anything that is restrictive or detracts from living a free and healthy life. True health, happiness, fulfillment, and longevity is achieved through balance and moderation. There are certain times in our lives
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Consistency is Key 

  “It’s been an long day and the last thing I want to do right now is workout. I’ve been good all week, what’s one day off?” Sound familiar? This is the story of oh so many of us (me included) and it’s easy to fall off the train that’s going to take us to
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Nature vs. Nurture

What is most important and has the greatest impact on your personal growth and development, nature or nurture? This question has been haunting the greatest of minds since, well, probably since we had the leisure of thinking about something other than basic survival. Now, I don’t want to get into solving this debate, but I
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