You Decide…

The reason I am sharing this with you now is because it is directly related to our current pandemic situation. So many people have been living in a state of fear and confusion, which is extremely heartbreaking to see. Whether it’s fear from getting sick or fear and confusion as to how the bills are going to be paid; both are very real fears. We do need to come together as a way of understanding both types of fear and frustration with our current situation. How do we do that, though, when both fears need drastically different things to be dispelled? The truth is, you need to make that decision for yourself.

The Beauty in Aging

It was my birthday recently and a lot of the comments were, “so you’re 25 again”, or ” how does it feel to never age”. While I love all the comments and, let’s get real, what woman doesn’t like being told she looks great for her age. It got me to thinking about the aversion
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