How to Have a Grow Mentality

A grow mentality is the ability to maintain a state of mind that allows you and those around you to grow to their highest potential. We live in a world, and with thought processes, that are continually putting limits on what we and what others can achieve. For example; you might say, I’m not the type…

Self Awareness Without the Self?

I was recently prompted with the question; can you have self awareness if you don’t know your “self”. If found this to be an intriguing question because we live in a society where the ego is the foremost identity of ‘self’ or ‘I’. We are continually programmed by television, social media, and even social circles as to who we should be and who our ‘self’ or identity is. This is feeding our baser, ego self and not who we really are. On top of that we are then prompted continually to have awareness of that ‘self’. Let’s explore together what self awareness means, and if we can have self awareness if the ego is our identity.