Restorative Yoga

You might be wondering, if you don’t currently practice yoga, how do I get started? Is it going to be difficult? Do I need any equipment? During this weeks Restorative Yoga practice example, I’ll do my best to answer those questions as well as what defines a restorative yoga practice.   How to Begin Let’s
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Nine Types of Yoga

Did you know there are over nine different types of yoga. Each one is basically a variation or adaptation of another. They have been structured to meet a specific variety of needs based on the goal of the yogi. Some offer more physically demanding practices, while others focus on meditation and/or relaxing.

A Grounding Practice

Life can get extremely busy, hectic, and at times, overwhelming. In those times it’s important to take a short break to reset, reground, and find your center again. I developed this gentle yoga routine to accomplish the simple task of grounding, centering and focusing. I made this routine short. When life is busy it can be difficult to take even twenty minutes aside, but taking the brief break to find your focus again will make you feel more at ease as you tackle life’s challenges.

A Yoga Mat That Lasts

I have searched high and low for a yoga mat that is great for practicing mandala (circular) yoga and also one that will withstand vigorous daily use. I’ve been through every type of mat I can think of. Some are too squishy, others are too thin. Some end up falling apart while I’m using them making me covered in yoga mat tidbits at the end of my practice. Others are so difficult to clean I feel dirty every time I start a new practice.

The Importance of Flexibility

Most people understand that building and maintaining flexibility is important, but do you know that it’s even more important than a strength training or cardiovascular routine? I hear a lot of fitness trainers, enthusiasts and therapists discuss the benefits of cardiovascular workouts and also strength workouts, but little emphasis is put on the importance of flexibility. Whether is due to the assumption that their clientele already understand flexibility is beneficial, or that they actually believe the other aspects of physical fitness are more important than flexibility, is not what I want to discuss. I want to talk about why, above cardiovascular and strength only workouts, flexibility training is the most beneficial workout regiment for overall health and wellbeing.