The Benefits of Breakfast

BreakfastWe all know it, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I for one am not a breakfast person. I have no desire to put anything in my mouth other than coffee or green tea anytime before 10a. That being said, I know I SHOULD eat breakfast, as much as I hate it. Here are just a few reasons why breakfast is so important and how you can get ‘breakfast’ in if you loath breakfast as much as I do.

Breakfast wakes up your metabolism. Think about it. You’ve been without food or drink for the past 8 hours (if your a good sleeper) and your body has been in resting/repair mode. As soon as you start moving your body starts during calories at a faster rate than when you were sleeping. If you forgo breakfast, you keep your body in that resting state and your body begins to use your muscle as an energy source. No thank you. I want to keep that muscle because I know it helps me metabolize fat better.

It reduces cravings and poor eating habits. When you skip breakfast your body will eventually start getting hungry and when you allow yourself to get to the point of hunger your body starts craving the things that will give it a blood sugar spike to try and balance you. You have a greater chance of grabbing that donut or cake hanging around the office when you skip breakfast.

It stabilizes blood sugar. Your blood sugar is at it’s lowest in the morning after you’ve Breakfast ideagone the night without eating. A healthy weight and diet is centered around keeping your blood sugar from spiking and dipping rapidly. When you skip breakfast, you are causing you blood sugar to drop lower than it has been all night long and then usually you get to the point of hunger and give in to that sweet carb which will spike your blood sugar. And the cycle goes on and on throughout the day.

Skipping breakfast reduces memory function. Your brain functions on carbs (sugar) and fat. Have you ever heard the term ‘meathead’? It’s a real condition. Bodybuilders reduce their fat and carbohydrate so much in order to get the all desired chisled look that their brain function suffers. They can’t remember or focus as clearly as if they would feed their brain. So, think of your brain in the morning as that of an extreme bodybuilder, meathead city. Get through those morning meetings in style with a few healthy carbs and fats.

BreakfastNot skipping breakfast helps you lose weight. If you are trying to drop a few pounds and thinking skipping breakfast is going to get you there, think again. Skipping breakfast will reduce your metabolic function, cause cravings, and cause blood sugar spikes that will negate all your hard work. Take my advice and eat your breakfast!

So, I hate breakfast, how do I get it in? First, you don’t have to eat a five course meal in the morning. The average person can get by on a 300 calorie breakfast. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, a piece of sprouted grain bread with a hard boiled egg and a piece of fruit, a bowl of oatmeal with some healthy toppings, or my personal favorite, a smoothie.

Smoothies are great because they take no more than 5 minutes to prepare, are drinkable, and you can put all the healthy goodies you like in them. I have a variety of smoothie recipes you can try to get started, but my favorite go to breakfast smoothie is the Maca Goodness Smoothie. Try it out and stop skipping breakfast!


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