You Are Beautiful EVEN with Acne

NO MAKEUP MONDAY! Because…. I was recently talking with a client who has been having acne issues due to hormone imbalances. She was so ashamed of what people would think of her skin and how they would judge her.

I used to suffer from debilitating acne in my late teens and my 20’s from stress and hormones and it was horrible how self conscious and worthless it made me feel.

I could see the struggle she was having and my heart aches knowing what she is going through. Together we discussed the emotional distress of not feeling beautiful on the outside and how to address it. 

First, accept yourself for who you are. Those who are hyper critical or insecure in their own skin will ALWAYS find a way to judge and criticize you. Don’t let this discourage you or make your efforts sway.

Nutrition is the number one thing that can help improve your skin, but it’s not the only thing. When my skin was at its worst I was vegan and eating 100% organic. While the types of foods I ate made a difference in balancing my hormones the stress of just having acne and worrying what others thought about it made it worse.

I would try to cover it up all the time and didn’t go out at other times because I was worried about being judged. Getting nutrition in line helped, but the number one thing that changed my skin was to stop covering it up and start loving myself for who I was and the journey my skin was taking towards healing.

IT’S OK TO HAVE IMPERFECT SKIN. You are human being and not an airbrushed model. Take joy in focusing on those things you are doing great! Go out and enjoy life regardless of what your skin is going through.

If someone comments or critiques your skin ask them if they have any solution to help you on your journey. Open a conversation. You are not the only one who has been through this, although, I know it feels like you are.

Remember, IT WILL PASS. With good nutrition, stress management and enjoying your life, your body, and your skin for where it’s at today will make the transition faster and much more enjoyable.

In honor of loving ourselves I’m starting NO MAKUP MONDAY. Hashtag your photo #NMMivolve

In the next few weeks I will post an update with some photos of my skin at it’s worst. The photos here are 10 years post and speak nothing (except in scars) of what it was like. Lot’s of nourishment, hormone adjustment, and change of attitude turned it around.



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